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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

thanks for the kindness

as for a stupid student like me ( :P ) I dun know what is blog. And I dun know anything about web developing things. Now I got my blog without any difficulty. That is because of my very cute and kind friend ( nay nay naing ) very small too.lolz. She got master degree from england and also got java certificate from sun. So smart friend indeed. want to know anything about java.
here you are .. you can learn everything about her.. smart, cute, nice, kind, generous.

dear friend I really thanks you for yor kindness ... i wish you to be still the same next 200 year ( except for small size :D ). wish you good luckkkkkkkkk my friend.

About me :)

HI HI .. I'm a student from NUS. Now I'm learning some programming languages and analyzin techs. I want to share knowledge with others. I want you guys to acknowledge me.